Eagle Builders was a dream-turned-reality by its founder, Dan Haan. Around 1979, Dan began noticing the numerous benefits of concrete walls when used in agricultural applications. He saw the maintenance time and costs incurred in traditional wood buildings were draining the profits of the large corporate hog operation that he was managing at the time. Dan soon recognized that the large and truly profitable operations were built of concrete, thus reducing maintenance costs and increasing profits.

Old Plant
10,000sq.ft manufacturing plant, Blackfalds Alberta. (2007)
New Shop
150,000sq.ft manufacturing plant, Blackfalds Alberta. (2016)

Dan started Eagle Builders with the help of his family in 2000. The business started out as a primarily agricultural-based precast business, providing quality yet affordable wall systems. Over time, Eagle Builders has rapidly been able to expand its services beyond the agriculture industry into commercial, industrial, and infrastructural applications.

After Dan's passing in 2003, Eagle Builders was handed down to his children. With Dan's vision in mind, the core of the business's values still stand in his name, and we have continued to grow and expand based on those foundations. Our business has flourished through the testimonials and referrals of our satisfied clientele. Even while we grow, we will continue to stay true to our family-owned roots while producing a superior quality product that raises the bar of industry standards across Western Canada.