What is CPCI Certification?

The Canadian Precast / Prestressed Concrete Institute Certification Program is a governing body that audits its members twice annually to ensure quality assurance in the precast concrete manufacturing industry.

In today’s precast market, it’s important for building owners, investors and industry professionals to know what they are buying. Precast concrete is a leading and very sustainable building product, as long as it is produced correctly. There are many elements that go into making quality precast such as proper mix design and batching, connection details, product engineering, documentation, curing, testing etc. If one stage fails or is left subpar, it can lead to huge problems for building owners and contractors, amounting to thousands of dollars in repairs.

That’s why CPCI introduced the plant certification program. It is designed to give owners, contractors and designers the confidence that certified precast manufacturers are qualified and competent to manufacture quality products and deliver them to the marketplace.

If you are an investor looking to build a precast concrete structure, it’s important to ask these questions to your contractor:

  • Who is the precast concrete supplier?
  • Are they CPCI Certified?
  • What is the R-value? (Precast Wall Panels)
  • What is their documentation and warranty guarantee?
  • Do they have references from past projects?

If you are a contractor looking to hire a precast concrete supplier, these details should be discussed:

  • Are they CPCI Certified?
  • If so, what level of certification do they have?
  • If not, who holds them accountable?
  • What are there documentation practices?
  • How many years will they warranty their work?
  • Should these products be prestressed?
  • What are the credentials of the batching and quality control personnel?
  • What are their references from past projects?

As a B4 and C4 certified plant, we are held to the highest standards of production. CPCI’s stringent precast certification program audits its members twice annually with a pass or fail evaluation to ensure that all stages such as quality, documentation, production procedures, engineering, personnel, equipment and finished products are held to these industry standards.

Standard Certification

  • CSA Standard A23.4
  • PCI Quality Control Manual MNL-116
  • PCI Quality Control Manual MNL-117

Eagle Builders Certification

C4 – Prestressed Deflected-Strand Structural Members

Precast concrete structural members made with deflected pretensioning or post-tensioning strands for roofs and floors, beams, joists, and all products in C1, C2, and C3.

B4 – Prestressed Deflected-Strand Bridge Beams (Superstructure)

Precast concrete bridge members that are reinforced with deflected pretensioning or post-tensioning strands. Included are box beams, I-girders, bulb-tee beams, stemmed members, solid slabs, and all products in B1, B2, and B3.

“CPCI certification program will certify only those precast manufacturers who demonstrate strict conformance to current standards, and are committed to continually improving the quality of their products and process.”

– CPCI Precast Concrete Certification Program

CPCI’s prime objective is public safety. It’s important to understand that not all precast is created equal and that when you buy from a non-certified plant, you run the risk of purchasing poorly produced products because they are not held accountable to meet basic industry standards.

So what does CPCI mean for you?

It means that you can rest easy knowing that you’ve chosen a precast concrete manufacturer who has been audited twice annually on their production process, documentation and quality. Therefore, they have been found acceptable to supply precast concrete products to the construction market based on their certification level.

For more info please visit: www.precastcertification.ca