Our aim is simple: to manufacture the world’s best precast concrete made available to Western Canada, at an honest price.

In today’s fast paced and cost aware construction industry, some aspects such as quality can sometimes be overlooked. Unfortunately in some cases, even the smallest defect can cause costly problems down the road. Eagle Builders understands this and has implemented strict production and rigorous testing practices to ensure that all precast products that leave our plant are not only at, but above, industry standards.

We believe that precast concrete is a superior building material that allows for design flexibility, cost savings and quicker project completion dates. That’s why we manufacture a wide range of precast infrastructure products to give you the competitive advantage of utilizing this efficient technology.

Here are just a few examples of some of our precast concrete infrastructure products:

  • Bridge Superstructure and Substructure Components
  • Underground Utility Trenches and Connecting Components
  • Road Barriers, Lock Blocks, Box Culverts, Sound walls and other highway products
  • Light Rail Transit Components
  • Parkade Components including: Double Tees, Columns, IT Beams, Stairs, Architectural Cladding etc…
  • Precast Concrete Hollow Core
  • Custom Precast Concrete Products
  • Manitoba Transportation Precast Concrete Products 
  • British Columbia Transportation Precast Concrete Products
  • Saskatchewan Transportation Precast Concrete Products 
  • Heavy Industrial Concrete Products 
  • Alberta Transportation Precast Concrete Products