Precast Concrete Building ProductsElevator Shafts

It is no secret that in high density cities, construction is trending upwards. This means that multi-story and mix use buildings are becoming more available for residential and commercial markets. With the majority of multi-story buildings requiring elevators, valuable time and resources are usually spent manufacturing the shafts on site. To reduce materials, labour, and project timelines, we offer a precast option. Our precast elevator shafts do not have height restrictions and are compatible with any building system.

Why choose precast over traditional materials?

  • Quicker Install
  • Cost Competitive 
  • Year round production and installation
  • Completely custom to project requirements
  • No height restrictions
  • 8" solid concrete
  • Welded or bolted connection
  • Aesthetically pleasing, smooth finish
  • Compatible with any building system
  • Manufactured to CPCI standards