Precast Concrete Infrastructure ProductsPrecast Concrete Bridge Girders

One of the primary causes of bridge deterioration is corrosion from deicing salt used on winter roads. By blistering the protective coating, salt accelerates oxidation, weakening the structural integrity, thus reducing the service life of metal infrastructure products.

Rehabilitation and repainting of these structures can be costly to tax payers and dangerous if lead based paint was used during the time of construction.

Although precast concrete is not immune to deterioration, it does however resist accelerators such as salt and extreme weathering, mitigating corrosion and adding value to our cities, municipalities and provincial departments of transportation.

Since precast concrete bridge girders are produced in our factory, the accuracy in both strength and aesthetics succeeds comparative methods of construction. As a CPCI B4 certified manufacturer, we are held to the highest standard of production, and are audited by a third party to ensure that our products meet or exceed the stringent guidelines set by governments and governing bodies.

We have the capability and certification to produce, deliver and install any and all bridge (girders / stringers / beams) in Alberta, Saskatchewan, British Columbia, Manitoba and North West, United States. 

Eagle Builders Precast / Prestressed Concrete Girders.

  • Alberta Transportation SL, SLC, SLW, NU Griders
  • CPCI B4 deflective prestress strand 
  • Saskatchewan Prestressed / Precast Concrete Box Stringers
  • British Columbia Concrete Box Stringers
  • Custom Girder Heights
  • Delivery and install are available
  • Produced per engineered drawings