A Precast / Prestressed Column is a cost effective and quality built framing product used as the supporting element for products such as beams and spandrels. They typically range in height from single level to multi-story, depending on client needs and engineering. They can come with an aesthetic or “as cast” finish with connections designed for maximum efficiency. Because our precast concrete columns are produced in a factory, volume changes such as creep and shrinkage occur before installation, leaving you with structural elements that are both consistent and high quality.

Eagle Builders Precast / Prestressed Columns

  • Custom sizes, corbel and connections are available.
  • Glass Fiber Reinforced Polymer Rebar is available.
  • Height can vary per application. 
  • Quick Installation. 
  • Supports products such as beams, crane rails and roofs.
  • Can be supplied and delivered anywhere in North West North America. 
  • Installation is available anywhere in Western Canada.
  • Column load capabilities are based on engineered drawings.
  • High quality long lasting product.
  • Connections are designed for maximum efficiency