Eagle Builders precast concrete spandrel panels can come in a wide variety of architectural finishes and sizes. With our ability to prestress, we can offer longer panels to maximize spans between framing elements.  All of our panels are produced based on engineered drawings and are held to CPCI high quality standards. Since our spandrel panels are produced in a factory-controlled setting, we eliminate variables such as temperature and batching differences and deliver a consistent product that is uniform in both strength and aesthetics. 

Eagle Builders Precast / Prestressed Spandrel Panels.

  • Thousands of unique and custom finishes are available. 
  • Connections are designed for maximum efficiency. 
  • Glass Fibre Reinforced Polymer Rebar is available. 
  • Prestressing is available.
  • Quick installation. 
  • Supply and delivery are available anywhere in North West, North America. 
  • Installation is available anywhere in Western Canada.
  • Thickness, lengths and widths may vary.
  • Efficiently Produced.