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Here's what some of our clients have to say about us.

Here's what some of our clients have to say about us.

“What I like about Eagle Builders is that they’re honest, they’ve built pretty much every structure on this dairy and have always delivered a great quality product. When I need something done, all I have to do is call them and they’re right there to help. They understand the needs of farmers, which is seen through the design, attention to detail and quality of their barns, I’m very happy working with Eagle Builders”

— Dick Yzerman, Owner, D&A Dairy


“Their follow-up work. The project is basically complete and they’re still checking in asking how everything is going. I know in a year from now, if I have an issue, I have the confidence that they’re going to fix it. I think with the expertise and the people that they have, they’re going to do things that I haven’t even dreamt of yet.”

— Harv Shimke, President, KeyAg Kubota


“Working with Eagle was very good. The most important thing was they don’t just promise, they do what they say. It was a six month project and they delivered on time with top quality. I like precast, it lasts forever and I recommend it to everyone. For my next building I will definitely go with Eagle Builders.”

— Jonathan Tschetter, Dairy Boss, Beiseker Colony


“The quality of Eagle Builders’ precast compared to other precast that we’ve seen is excellent”. To come to a plant like Eagle’s, and see the quality and passion for what everyone was doing, it was refreshing. Everything from the quote stage, right to the installation, was a great experience.” 

— Kyle Christensen, C.E.T. Operations and Business Development Manager, Bridges and Infrastructure, Volker Stevin Highways Ltd.


“I can’t say enough about some of the technologies that they’re employing right now in terms of modularization of construction with their panels, the way it allows you to stack construction schedules I think is totally unique and is sort of the way of the future for construction. In the end you get a really high quality building that looks fantastic and preforms very well. It’s a great process from start to finish.”

— Matt Woolsey, President, York Realty