Because Eagle Builders’ precast concrete insulated wall panels have a superior R-value they can allow for more envelope openings when compared to conventional wall assemblies. 

Precast concrete is a superior building solution for industrial facilities. This is because it provides long-term durability and strength that requires little to no maintenance even in harsh working or weather environments.

By utilizing various colors, veneers and finishes almost any design can be achieved with precast concrete.

Combining our precast concrete wall panels with our steel roof system allows for better construction coordination, quality control and greater clear spans while reducing time on-site.


Our prefabricated building system saves time because we produce the building structure as services and foundations are being completed.  This allows clients quicker occupancy accelerating their ROI.

Here is the new facility for North American Construction Group in Acheson, Alberta. The structural building envelope is over 90,000sq.ft and took only 6 weeks to install. It is constructed from 314 load-bearing/insulated precast panels, hollow-core floors and a steel roof system. The total amount of precast concrete used exceeds 5.5 million pounds.