Our building shell packages allow for greater interior design flexibility because our steel roof system and load bearing panels eliminate perimeter columns allowing for more usable space inside of the building.


Precast Concrete is a superior building material because of its' longevity, low maintenance and reduced total cost of ownership. Many investors are finding better value in precast concrete structures when compared to conventional alternatives. 

Eagle Builders building shell packages are a custom solution that can included the foundation design, structural precast sandwich panels and steel roof system, supplied, delivered and installed. Our building shell packages streamline the design and construction process allowing for reduced site time and sooner occupancies.

Take a look at this 114ft precast concrete box girder weighing 129,000lbs.

Precast concrete is a very design flexible building material.  Using simple reveal lines, formliners and paint applied directly to the panels, you can achieve almost any architectural finish you want. 

Here is an updated picture of a project we did in 2014. This underslung pedestrian bridge is 900 feet long and hangs under the Anthony Henday Saskatchewan river crossing. The 45 panels used to complete this project weigh a total of 2.4 million pounds.