In only 2.5 working days, we've installed 29 loads of precast wall panels for our new office building.

Precast concrete columns are a great framing product for projects such as parkades, multi-story buildings, stadium bleachers and much more. Since they are produced in a factory, there are less production variables allowing for consistent strength, aesthetics and volume changes, all while speeding up project timelines. 

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Whether it's a parlour, rotary parlour or robots, Eagle Builders' dairy barns can accommodate any prefered milking system. We work with dairy leaders to understand their needs and design our facilities to maximize square footage, without compromising flowability or the comfort of your cows.

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Hollow Core is a very versatile and cost effective precast product. Its continuous voids reduce weight and costs and has the capability to clear span over 50ft while maintaining a low profile. It's a perfect product for any type of construction.

Today is an exciting day for Eagle Builders, here is a shot taken just minutes before we set our first #precast panel for our new office.

As your quota grows, so can your existing dairy barn with the use of precast concrete. We understand your goals and incorporate the needed infrastructure to allow for easy expansion with little to no disruption to your cows.