One of the many benefits of precast concrete is the speed of construction. It took our installation crew only 4.5 days to erect 137 precast panels for Morskate's new building.

With our new shop expansion and two batch plants, we can now serve the market better. We have the capacity and certification to produce precast concrete for the largest projects in North West North America and are committed to supplying the industry with the best quality products at an honest price.  

Precast concrete is a very flexible product that can be incorporated into your interior design. For example, in this building we used precast panels with form liner as a feature wall and the connection for our floating concrete stairs.

We are excited to introduce our most recent #precast #concrete product, hollow-core! Our panels will come in a variety of thickness to accommodate various loads and spans making for an ideal and economical option for applications such as floor and roof systems.

There are many benefits to building feed mills with precast concrete. Unlike traditional materials, precast will not rust, burn or be damaged by rodents. We can design bulk loadout bays that can hold overhead feed bins to allow for quicker loading operations much like this one.

Precast concrete allows you the ability to embed brick, stone, granite and more, so you can design a building to match any era of construction, while maintaining industry leading thermal efficiency.