With our insulated precast concrete wall panels and steel roof system, we can offer longer clear spans than traditional building methods. Our designs eliminate obstructions such as columns, beams and even overhead crane columns allowing for more usable space inside of your building.

Total precast concrete restrooms are a viable option for cities and municipalities because they are quickly produced and installed, incredibly tough and easy to clean and maintain.

These tanks are an awesome precast concrete product! They are cast in one piece with no joints for materials to leak and can come with pre-engineered lids to allow for material entry and exit.

A precast concrete cornice not only gives your buildings’ façade an architectural advantage, but can shade windows and act as a rain shield minimizing dirt streaks and water stains.

Eagle Builders precast sandwich panels are a very versatile building product. We can incorporate the use of form liners, reveals, veneers, coloured cement and even exposed aggregate leaving you with almost an unlimited amount of options for your building's architectural features.

With operating costs going up, it's important to find new ways to reduce spending...