Our precast wall panels have the added benefit of thermal mass; this enables structures to store, absorb and release the suns heat. Having this advantage helps to keep the internal temperature of the building stabalized. 

When compared to conventional building systems, Eagle Builders’ envelope packages can reduce construction times in half. This adds value by allowing tenants in the building sooner accelerating the owners return on investment.

Precast concrete hollow-core floors benefit multi-level structures because they can achieve long clear spans with minimal depth. Utilizing this technology can reduce your overall building height while achieving the same clear height per floor adding value to your project.

Precast concrete is an ideal building system for many types of structures including multi-level commercial buildings. Our precast wall panels are fire resistant, require little maintenance and are easily installed. Not only are our structures very durable but they also can be customized to fit any design creating an aesthetically pleasing building.

At Eagle Builders we produce a wide range of different lengths, heights and spans on all concrete girders to meet any engineered specifications. Our precast concrete infrastructure products are manufactured in our controlled plant and are held to the highest standards of production.

Transporting a 32-meter concrete girder weighing 86,500lbs!