This girder being transported weighs 158,000 pounds and is approximately 140 feet long. 

First Baptist Church in Ponoka is done and it looks great! By using simple reveal lines, it really enhances the buildings aesthetics.

Precast Concrete Double Tees are a very strong precast product that can be used in commercial, industrial and infrastructure applications. These double tees come in a wide variety of depths and lengths to accommodate different load requirements.

Here are our first precast concrete NU girders being installed in Dawson Creek. These girders are 36 meters in length. 

Precast concrete can be very design flexible. With the use of simple reveals, form liners, or veneers, we can replicate most designs or systems. Much like this addition, we replicated it to resemble the existing pre-engineered building.

The strip footing is poured and is being prepped for the foundation wall. Soon the Ponoka Learning Centre will be ready for precast installation.