The Ponoka First Baptist Church is looking great. Eagle Builders supplied a building shell package which included the precast concrete wall panels and steel roof system. Utilizing this package streamlines the construction process while ensuring top quality throughout your building envelope.

Nice shot of Lakeland College Canada's new Dairy Barn. This facility is going to educate dairy leaders for generations to come!

Precast concrete deck panels are a viable product that accelerate bridge construction. Because they are pre-fabricated and quickly installed, they reduce project timelines, traffic disturbance and construction costs.

Because we prestress strands of steel through our concrete during the curing stage of production, our precast concrete panels are able to achieve larger heights vs. non-prestressed panels. Also, prestressing helps reduce hairline cracks because of the inward compression it creates. Here is an example of our 53ft prestressed panels used as a training tower for firefighters.

Precast Concrete is a versatile product that can come in almost any shape or size; these arches are a great example. Once the site is ready, our team will quickly install these premade segments reducing the project timeline, materials, and traffic disturbance. This is an efficient solution compared to traditional on-site forming and pouring.

Here's a cool project we did in Prince George. It's an 84,400sq.ft #precast #concrete building which took us only seven months complete. You might not realize it, but this picture only shows half of the facility.