Precast concrete columns are a structural product that can be used as the framework for many different building applications.  From commercial projects to underground parking structures, precast columns provide superior strength and aesthetics vs. other materials because of their factory production process. Since concrete does not rust, burn, mold and gains strength over time due to hydration, precast columns are a great choice when looking to build a long lasting sustainable structure with little to no maintenance.  

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Box Culverts are an economical precast concrete product that can be used in a wide range of applications. Since they are produced in a factory, they eliminate expensive formwork and reduce time on-site. Box culverts can be engineered to handle various loads including rail and airport live loads. They can be ordered in standard or custom sizes, along with 3 or 4 sided sections.

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Insulated precast concrete wall panels are a durable building material that have a very high thermal mass, R-value and allow for minimal thermal bridging, making them a viable option for owners looking to invest in sustainable buildings.

Because of our unpredictable weather, pouring concrete on-site can lead to project delays and / or additional heating and hoarding costs. Precast concrete eliminates these variables since it is manufactured in a controlled environment, ensuring extreme accuracy in quality, strength, aesthetics and cost estimation.

Because of the high ammonia, humidity and harsh working environment, traditional holstein barns do not always reach their full service life. Fortunately, precast concrete is not affected by these elements and will not rust, burn or mold. Precast concrete is an incredibly strong building material that requires little to no maintenance, while resisting even the most demanding environments. This means that with precast, you can build one structure that will support your family for generations. 

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Insulated precast concrete wall panels combine all of the structural, insulating and architectural elements into a single building component, minimizing materials, labour and winter construction costs. Also, since the structural elements are cast into the concrete, our panels can achieve greater spans vs. conventional wall systems, reducing columns and adding more usable space and value.

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