At Eagle Builders we produce a wide range of different lengths, heights and spans on all concrete girders to meet any engineered specifications. Our precast concrete infrastructure products are manufactured in our controlled plant and are held to the highest standards of production.

Transporting a 32-meter concrete girder weighing 86,500lbs!

When compared to conventional building systems, Eagle Builders’ envelope packages can reduce construction times in half. This adds value by allowing tenants in the building sooner accelerating the owners return on investment.

Lots of progress being made at the Ponoka Learning Centre. 

Precast concrete is an ideal building system for many types of structures including multi-level commercial buildings. Our precast wall panels are fire resistant, require little maintenance and are easily installed. Not only are our structures very durable but they also can be customized to fit any design creating an aesthetically pleasing building.

Eagle Builders is a leading agricultural construction company in Western Canada. With industry leading designs and construction technology, our ability to manufacture and build superior agricultural precast concrete facilities is evident by our high percentage of repeat customers.

We were very proud to be Lakeland Colleges precast concrete manufacturer and contractor for their state-of-the-art dairy learning centre. The centre provides hands on dairy management training for Lakeland College students and short courses for dairy producers across Western Canada. Here are some details of the facility and construction process:


·      46,600 sq. feet

·      Viewing mezzanine

·      Heifer barn with outside pens

·      Robotic & Parlour milking system

·      Precast panels installed in 6 days

·      Building shell installed in 18 days

·      120 cow facility

·      Commodity shed

·      Lagoon

·      Automatic feeding

·      2.5 million pounds of precast

·      264 precast panels


 Since agriculture facilities are exposed to high levels of ammonia and moisture, traditional buildings tend to deteriorate over time. With a precast concrete dairy barn, these elements do not affect its integrity because concrete does not rust, mould or burn.

We understand the key challenges faced by farmers and producers, and we have developed proprietary solutions to eliminate future challenges during the design stage. With our precast concrete wall panels, our buildings can be easily expanded, requiring little to no maintenance and will last for generations to come.

Eagle Builders started out primarily agricultural-based but we have rapidly expanded our services into commercial, industrial, and infrastructural applications. Check out our video of the Lakeland College facility and also look at some of our other project videos