Since our precast / prestressed concrete wall panels contain all of the architectural, structural and insulating elements into one building component, less materials and trades are needed to complete a wall assembly. This greatly reduces construction timelines, equipment and waste, adding value and safety to your project.

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Eagle Builders understands that when building a commodity shed many things have to be considered. Such as roof design best fit for the application, direction of opening, equipment maneuverability and much more. We understand that one design doesn't fit all, and use our years of experience to build our clients sustainable structures, that they will use for generations.

Precast / prestressed concrete deck slabs are an efficient product that help accelerate bridge construction. Since they are produced off site and installed during non-peak hours, they minimize traffic disruption while reducing design time, costs and on-site forming. They are custom to each application and come in full depth or partial depth panels.

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Our structural precast concrete wall panels and steel roof system can reduce the use of columns while achieving longer clear spans than traditional systems. This allows for more usable space, a better working environment and added value to your building.

Not to be confused with R-value, Thermal mass is the inherent ability for a material to absorb heat energy. Since precast concrete wall panels are a high-density building material, they act as a thermal sponge, which absorb heat during the day. That heat is then stored and slowly released back, mid afternoon and night. This moderates daily temperature spikes, allowing for more interior comfort while using less energy.  A well-designed precast building can allow for smaller HVAC systems, leading to a reduction in operating costs and carbon emissions. 

Because precast concrete is produced in a factory during dirt work, it eliminates on-site heating and hoarding while speeding up project timelines. Once the site is ready, products much like these double tees will be installed as soon as they are delivered, reducing clutter and site disturbance.