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Because our wall system is manufactured off-site using steel forms, we are able to efficiently produce our concrete using less wood and materials. This method of construction creates a clean construction site and greatly reduces waste from entering our landfills.

Due to concrete’s high thermal mass, precast dairy barns use less energy than conventional barns. By moderating the daily temperature loads, thermal mass creates a more comfortable living space for your cows without you having to spend extra on operating costs.

Check out this cool aerial shot of our yard. With our CPCI certification and 150,000 square feet of production space, we are able to produce any and all precast products for your next project.

Due to the high humidity and ammonia, traditional poultry barns require regular maintenance to reach their full-service life. Because precast concrete is much more durable and is designed to withstand harsh working environments; operating and maintenance costs are significantly lower. Agricultural leaders recognize that precast concrete adds a considerable amount of value to their facilities because of the quality and low total cost of ownership.

With the use of thin brick veneers, reveal lines and architectural formliners, the design possibilities with precast concrete are virtually endless. With our load-bearing insulated panels, designers can incorporate the architectural elements creating a single building component that accelerates construction and lasts for generations.