Here's a cool picture taken from the field of our crews installing wall panels and hollow-core in tandem, greatly accelerating the speed of construction

A building is more than just a building. It’s your client’s first impression, a second home for your employees and the foundation of your business.

That’s why we only manufacture and build with precast concrete so we can offer you a more sustainable, thermally efficient and aesthetically pleasing structure, at an honest price, with unmatched quality.

Your building is a reflection of your company and that matters to us.  

We manufacture precast concrete because we believe that it is the most sustainable building material for our future. Regardless of size or complexity, we treat every project with the same level of care and respect because as a taxpayer, you deserve the highest quality infrastructure.

Because precast concrete wall panels combine the insulating, structural and architectural elements into one component, we are able to enclose building envelopes sooner, greatly reducing project timelines and winter construction costs.

Here is a quick video of the installation of 223 precast concrete panels.

It took Eagle Builders only 7 working days to install all precast components using a 165 ton mobile crane. Eagle Builders manufactured the precast and was the general contractor for this project.


As you may notice, this shop is nearly complete but without structural columns or crane columns. This is because our precast concrete wall panels and steel roof system are engineered to accept extreme live loads. We can eliminate columns and suspend the overhead cranes from the trusses, while still achieving large clear spans. This type of construction reduces materials and obstructions, maximizes efficiency and adds more usable space, increasing square foot value. 

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