Precast concrete wall panels provide the aesthetics, affordability, durability, strength and accelerated construction that owners want. This is what makes precast concrete wall panels an industry leading building material in modern construction.

Here is an update of the progress made at the Calgary Foothills Medical Centre Parkade. 

Hollow core concrete slabs have the ability to achieve long clear spans with shallow-depths, which allows for more headroom in a building. Therefore, precast hollow core is a great option for multi-level buildings. These slabs of concrete are also fire resistant.

Using a precast concrete system offers many advantages for buildings. These advantages include: longer life span, low maintenance, faster construction time and the flexibility for future expansion. Precast concrete is aesthetically versatile allowing for a unique and limitless architectural design.

Precast concrete is a flexible building product that can be used in many different applications such as this retaining wall. Because precast is prefabricated in our plant, we are able to produce the wall structure while the dirt work commences.

Take a look at these 30 meter prestressed concrete box girders.