Because concrete acts as a thermal sponge, our interior precast walls and floor system absorb radiant energy from the sun and release it back at a much later time. This naturally occurring benefit is called thermal mass and it helps stabilize against interior temperature fluctuations, leading to a reduction in energy use, operational cost and carbon emissions.

The design possibilities of precast concrete is virtually unlimited. With access to thousands of unique and custom formliners, veneers, pigments and various depths of aggregate exposure, our precast concrete allows you the ability to design a structure that will withstand the architectural test of time.

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Regardless of size, type or cost, Eagle Builders manufactures and constructs every project with the same level of care and attention to detail. For as long as we operate we will never cut corners, deviate from the truth or turn a blind eye to a deficiency. Through honest and transparent estimations, our promise is to always offer our clients the best quality precast, buildings and service at an honest price.

What is a thermal bridge?

It can be described as a localized element within the building envelope that has a higher thermal conductivity than the adjacent areas.

To combat this, our precast concrete wall panels are manufactured using energy efficient wythe connectors with zero thermal breaks within the insulation, making it difficult for thermal bridging to occur. This high performing wall assembly has proven to reduce energy use, add comfort and succeed in durability vs. other structural wall systems.

Even on a cold winter day precast doesn't stop. Because our concrete is produced in a factory controlled environment, we are not affected by the weather. This allows us to offer our products with extreme accuracy in both strength and aesthetics, on-time delivery and cost estimation.

Eagle Builders offers design-build services for all types of Agricultural structures including swine, horse, poultry and dairy. Since we are a manufacturer and builder, we have complete quality control over every stage of construction. This greatly benefits clients because we are able to efficiently construct top quality facilities while eliminating costs where others can’t. We stand behind every structure we’ve ever built, which is evidenced by our high volume of repeat clients.