Because precast concrete hollow core is an efficiently made product and is quickly installed, it can add a lot of value to your project. As well, it can be used to hide electrical runs and reduce occupancy energy use by incorporating systems such as radiant air conditioning. 

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Yesterday was a big day because we installed the first ever Eagle Builders precast hollow-core panel.

In Alberta, it is no secret that we experience wide variations of temperature differences throughout the day resulting in more energy use to counteract act it. With precast and it’s high thermal mass, it dramatically reduces this problem by storing heat energy with a delayed transfer resulting in a more stabilized interior temperature. Precast uniforms these daily spikes reducing HVAC costs while adding comfort to your building.

Eagle Builders' Building Shell Package is a tailored option that can include the foundation, walls, roof system, all structural elements and stairs. We offer this package to help streamline the construction process with one contract while also ensuring consistent quality.

Precast Concrete Double Tees are a very strong precast product that are typically used in commercial, industrial and infrastructure applications. They come in a wide variety of depths and lengths to accommodate different load requirements. Pre-topped or field topping is available as well as deflected strand reinforcement, delivery and installation.

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Precast concrete framing products such as these IT Beams are incredibly strong and can help reduce project timelines and budgets. Because they are produced in a factory off-site, less formwork is needed, reducing materials and waste. Since they are installed upon delivery, they don't take up valuable space on-site, which allows for more maneuverability and increases safety.

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