Check out these NU Girders! 2.4 meters tall with the longest span of them being 48 meters.

Industrial buildings need to have superior strength and durability. We can achieve this with precast as it does not deteriorate and can withstand abnormal wear and tear. Our precast concrete buildings can also expand easily, allowing for your facility to grow as your business does.

Hollow-core has many advantages over conventional flooring systems. Not only does it provide excellent fire and sound resistance, it can achieve greater clear-spans requiring less depth which can decrease the height of your building while maintaining the same floor to floor clear height.

Construction for a new community centre in Red Deer is underway and it is looking great! By utilizing form liners on precast concrete, it’s a great way to give your project that “wow” factor.

When looking at building systems for your next project, make sure you consider the many benefits of precast concrete. These include greater durability, longevity, fire resistance and design flexibility as well as decreased project timelines, building maintenance and life-cycle ownership costs. If you would like to learn more about precast concrete and its many advantages, contact our office and ask to be directed to our sales team.

Check out this ATCO feature wall which we provided the precast concrete panel for. With architectural elements added to precast concrete and limitless design options, owners are able to enhance the aesthetics of their building or property.