Our precast solutions are constructed from our state-of-the-art headquarters in Blackfalds, Alberta. You can reach us there at (403) 885-5525.


PO Box 1690
27322-17 TWP Rd 394 Aspelund Industrial Park N
Blackfalds, Alberta T0M 0J0
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Fax: 403-885-5516

Eagle Builders – The Beginning

What began as a small agricultural building firm, has grown and flourished into the country’s largest and most trusted name in precast concrete construction.

At the turn of the millennium, one man had a vision to embark on a new endeavor that would change the building industry forever. A humble farmer, Dan Haan took the leap of faith and started a construction company with the vision to offer superior agricultural buildings constructed from concrete. Dan saw the high maintenance costs of conventional structures and dared to take action, offering a better system.

At the time of Eagle Builders inception, Dan and his family did most of the work with only a few employees to help. Precast production was not in a facility but rather on-site, formed and poured on mobile casting beds. It wasn’t until 2002 Dan leased a 10,000sq.ft building that Eagle Builders became a true precast concrete producer.

Shortly after Eagle Builders moved into the production facility, Dan passed away. With this tragedy, the company was left in his family’s name. Although the ground work was laid, Eagle Builders was financially unstable making it impossible to sell. Without any other options, Dan’s children still mourning their loss, had to liquidate everything they could to try and decrease the business debt. Barely into adulthood, Dan’s kids started calling every contact they knew, looking for work to keep afloat. Overtime, the phone started ringing and their work load became steadier.

As they continued production in the 10,000sq.ft factory, word got out that a very young company was constructing quality concrete structures with service that was above anything experienced. This dedication to quality and service is what lead to the rapid growth and success of what you see today.