Our precast solutions are constructed from our state-of-the-art headquarters in Blackfalds, Alberta. You can reach us there at (403) 885-5525.


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27322-17 TWP Rd 394, N Aspelund Industrial Park
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Agricultural Construction.

Building the industry that built us.

For those who know the history of Eagle Builders, understand the challenging road it has been to get where we are today. In the beginning there was only one industry that believed in and supported three young families trying to maintain a construction company. If it wasn’t for farmers, Eagle Builders would not have survived the tough challenges faced during our inception.
The agricultural industry is what built us and that’s why our dedication to farmers is absolute. Often overlooked by governments and corporate business, the agricultural industry is the backbone of our economy and everyday lives. Even with steady growth and venturing into new markets, Eagle Builders will never deviate from those who have and still support us. Our gratitude towards dairy, poultry, hog and horse farmers cannot be measured. That is why we give back annually to agricultural programs, learning centers and events, to not only do our part but say thank you for the years of support.
The agricultural industry will always be the foundational core of Eagle Builders, that is why we will always be here to build and support the farmers that built us.

Precast Concrete Dairy Barns

Eagle Builders dairy barns are a custom solution to your requirements. We design, engineer, manufacture and construct industry leading precast concrete structures with absolute devotion to your program. Our involvement is completely flexible allowing you to complete any scopes of work you require. Eagle Builders dairy facilities are highly recognized for their quality, longevity and innovation. Our dairy facilities can accommodate any milking system of your choice and are easily expanded as you increase your quota. Because our structures are concrete, they do not deteriorate due to the harsh working environments and can decrease insurance premiums because they are non-combustible.

Precast Concrete Poultry Barns

Eagle Builders designs, engineers and builds every type of poultry barn including layer barns, broiler barns and pullet barns. With an emphasis on quality, we build some of the most innovative and long-lasting poultry facilities in North America. We have years of experience working with poultry leaders designing new ways to better serve the industry. Our barns are engineered to require little to no maintenance and can be easily expanded to accommodate quota.
We have the understanding and knowledge of industry challenges such as ventilation, thermal efficiency and durability, and have proprietary solutions to eliminate future problems during the design stage. Our barns are a one-time investment that will serve you and your operation for generations.

Precast Concrete Horse Barns

Eagle Builders is a leading design-manufacture-build contractor for horse barns and riding arenas. With years of experience, we understand the importance of creating a quality and comfortable living space for your equines. Utilizing precast concrete for the structure, we are able to build facilities that are more thermally efficient, design flexible and longer lasting than traditional building systems. Because precast concrete has a high thermal mass and R-value, our barns dramatically reduce temperature spikes and energy use. This allows for more comfortable interior space, while reducing operational costs. Our precast concrete horse barns utilize strategic fenestration systems to allow for maximum natural light and ventilation, adding to the overall living quality for your equines.

Precast Concrete Hog Barns

Eagle Builders is a leading design-build construction firm for precast concrete hog barns in the provinces of British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba. Unique to each operation, Eagle Builders hog barns can accommodate any size and design. We have extensive experience in farrow-to-finish, farrow-to-nursery, farrow-to-wean, wean-to-finish and finishing farms. Our top-level executives including the ownership group all worked on hog facilities before entering into the construction industry. As many barns are starting to reach the end of their lifecycle, Eagle Builders is ready to discuss your next step and come up with the best solution for your operation.

Precast Concrete Agricultural Products

Agricultural precast products withstand some of the harshest working environments because they are exposed to high levels of ammonia, moisture and impacts. With precast concrete, these elements do not affect their integrity because concrete does not rust, mold or burn enabling them to last long than conventional products. Our precast concrete products and facilities have an extremely long service life due to proper concrete mix designs, engineering, batching and curing processes. Through continuous innovation and extreme testing, we go to great lengths to ensure that every product that leaves our factory is not only at, but above industry standard.

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