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Precast Concrete Building Products

Every story has a beginning, and this is ours. From the turn of the millennium we have been perfecting the science behind our precast concrete products. From the early days of site casting panels to owning the largest production facility in Western Canada, we will never stop chasing perfection. Our success did not come from luck, but rather determination, failure and heavy investment in research and development. We have walked every corner of the globe in search of new technology while continuing to reinvent our superior building system.
A pioneer of the precast concrete industry, Eagle Builders has achieved and maintained as leaders by not falling victim to mediocracy. Our greatest competition is ourselves, propelled by an insatiable quest for perfection. This relentless desire shatters limitations set by those who lack vision allowing us to forge a transcending future for the construction industry.

Precast Concrete Wall Panels.


The precast concrete wall panel is more than a building component but rather a groundbreaking innovation in building science. It combines the structural, insulating and architectural elements into a single segment creating synergy within your wall system. Identified by various names such as sandwich panel, insulcore and insulated wall panel, our precast concrete wall system goes beyond what is considered industry standard.
A prestressed product, our wall panels come in various thickness and load-bearing capabilities. We have surpassed industry expectations by putting our wall assembly through a comprehensive thermal and fire testing program allowing us to validate our performance with certified data and values. A true marvel of scientific engineering, Eagle Builders wall panels are often imitated but cannot be recreated. They are truly a historic staple in building science and are considered incomparable by design.

Precast Concrete Architectural Wall Panels.

Supremely contemporary, undoubtedly unique.

The architectural finishes are unlimited to your imagination. We procure only the finest raw materials from the globe’s best suppliers to allow for any texture, color and artistic design matching the panels to your vision.
To produce the finest quality, it takes extraordinary craftsmanship under rigorous scrutiny. Eagle Builders holds the highest certification for precast concrete production. However, this isn’t good enough. Our quality control and quality assurance procedures exceed the certification auditing requirements because to produce the best, we must set our own standards.

Precast Concrete Building Shell Packages

An Eagle Builders invention, that has transformed how contractors procure precast concrete.

Precast concrete building envelopes are an accelerated system that defy all inefficiencies of conventional construction. Leading designers, contractors and stakeholders understand the value of amalgamation therefore procure Eagle Builders’ iconic structural system for seamless coordination and constructability. As engineer of record, fabricator and erector of the complete structure, we are able to deliver the highest quality building under the most demanding schedules. As a contractor, when you procure our building shell package it is an effortless experience that is truly unrivalled. Our engineers and program managers administer the complete structure allowing you to deliver in absolute confidence, the highest-grade building to your client.

Contractor Partnership Program

The Eagle Builders Contractor Partnership Program is an industry solution designed to enhance and streamline the process for general contractors wanting to offer precast concrete structures. This program establishes a collaborative partnership with businesses who share the same sustainable, ethical and quality standards Eagle Builders is recognized for. Eagle Builders will fabricate, deliver and install the entire structure ensuring for seamless construction with unequalled quality. As an authorized partner, you will receive many benefits including assistance on securing work, preferred rates and extended warranties.
To enter into our Contractor Partnership Program, speak with a precast advisor.

Precast Concrete Hollow-Core Floors.

Performance like none other.

There is a reason why hollow-core is a preferred floor system by top level building designers and owners. It is an efficiently produced product that is not cast but rather extruded and cut after cuing. Hollow-core comes in 8, 10 and 12 inch thicknesses to accommodate various load and span requirements.
Naturally it has an industry leading fire and STC rating that adds safety and comfort for your occupants. As a floor or roof system, it is compatible with all structures including wood, steel and masonry. It is efficiently erected, reducing time and construction costs. Due to the shallow depth of the panels, the hollow-core floor system can reduce the overall height of your building while still maintaining the desired inside clear height. Eagle Builders’ hollow-core panels are unrivalled in aesthetic quality allowing you to leave our panels exposed eliminating drywall or T-bar if desired.

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