Reinventing the way seniors housing is developed is needed now more than ever, as it’s projected that by 2040 the number of retirees in Alberta will double. As the demand for these communities is becoming more evident, Charis Village knew it was imperative to put a plan in place to build this community. A wide variety of Central Albertans make up the board of Charis Village which includes, farmers, a nurse, a retired teacher, an accountant, and other business owners. The committee developed this housing society with their mission being to provide seniors with a village community, where they can age with grace.

After years of planning to facilitate, finance and develop this community the board members were finally able to put this into motion and purchased the land in August of 2019 in Lacombe, Alberta. Warren Kay: the marketing manager said

“The initial reason and drive for this project came from a story one of the board members shared. The nurse on the board was explaining how she had to tell a friend of hers that they didn’t have space in Lacombe for her father and that they were going to have to relocate him to another town. She felt awful conveying this news to her friend but there was no other option.”

Hearing that story was the motivation behind the whole Charis Village philosophy and vision which is

“Once people move into Charis Village, they won’t be forced to relocate, they can age with grace and you can’t put a price tag on that. We are selling you peace of mind, to know you can live here, and you won’t be displaced.” Said Warren.

By gaining the support of the community and with a new city council who was willing to help, the next step was finding a builder to bring their vision to life.

Charis Village chose Eagle Builders because they saw the many benefits of using precast concrete.

“When you are working with seniors, safety is really important, you need a building that isn’t combustible and that is going to be reliable and durable for years to come.” said Warren.

He added that the board members also mentioned how Eagle Builders had offered them their full turnkey package which ensures everything will be taken care of from start to finish. Another factor was the speed of construction.

“People are shocked that it is going to be ready by May this year. When you look at it, you think wow, it sounds more expensive but when you start thinking about the building in 10 years from now you realize you are going to be getting a building that has great quality and longevity. We’ve taken people through the building already and people are very impressed with the structure of the building.” Said Warren

Construction of the first phase of the Charis Village Seniors Housing project began at the end of the summer and is soon reaching its completion date this May. The multi-level precast concrete apartment building consists of four storeys with a total of 46 units, an underground heated parking garage and a common area on the main floor. The suites are very spacious and range from 908 to 1394 sq. ft. This seniors housing development is going to be a great asset to the City of Lacombe.

“Not just the opportunity to live in such a place but also for the people it will employ for assisted living and long-time care.” Said Warren.

Eagle Builders is proud to be a part of this project and is excited to see the other phases of this community come together.

Charis Village as of February 24, 2020