Our precast solutions are constructed from our state-of-the-art headquarters in Blackfalds, Alberta. You can reach us there at (403) 885-5525.


Head Office

Fax: 403-885-5516
27322-17 TWP Rd 394, N Aspelund Industrial Park
Lacombe County, Alberta
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Mailing Address

Box 1690
Blackfalds, Alberta T0M 0J0

Shipping Address

27322-17 TWP Rd 394, N Aspelund Industrial Park
Blackfalds, Alberta T0M 0J0

Design-Build and
General Contracting

A tranquil experience for buildings
that defy the constraints of time.

Only by Eagle Builders.

It starts with an idea, a conversation, a sketch, your vision is an expression of you.

An Eagle building is more than a structure. It’s a work of art crafted by our team of highly skilled designers and tradespeople. For those who value supremacy and virtue, Eagle Builders introduces a fully integrated project delivery system that eliminates inefficiencies and risk. Our method of construction is extraordinarily collaborative allowing for seamless constructability with truly unparalleled quality.

Collaboration to Conceptualization.

At the initial conversation, your Eagle Builders Advisor will brief you on the current material rates and make recommendations based on the parameters you set. With your vision in mind, we begin to conceptualize a one-of-a-kind masterpiece fusing your idea with our building system. Every detail is refined, shaped to perfection with absolute devotion to your image.

The privilege of guaranteed valuation.

It’s time for you to experience a new and truly remarkable evaluation process with Eagle Builders that guarantees your aggregate investment. Our lateral integration of designing, manufacturing and turn-key building opens the doors to a new level of confidence in construction. At the project inception stage, our designers, evaluators, tradespeople and advisors will collaborate to bring together ideas and efficiencies working within your framework. Daily, our precast concrete and steel manufacturing divisions procure raw materials fabricating them into the finest building components, crafting the purest representation of quality.  This direct connection between manufacturing and design-build enables our advisors to enlighten you on efficient options at the initial program discussion.

The pinnacle of construction.

Imagine the sheer pleasure of relaxed construction with guaranteed timelines and value. The Eagle Builders construction program is a deeply personal and refined experience that is unique to only Eagle Builders patrons. Your presence in the program is anticipated but not expected because we understand the importance of your time. That’s why our advisors and program managers have absolute devotion to you and your world-class facility, allowing for an effortless and unrivalled building experience.

Occupancy. A lifetime experience like none other.

Envision a space where every detail has been gracefully refined, perfectly tailored, embodying the true spirit of your business. A social, vibrant and extremely functional facility, an Eagle Building is an unforgettable work of art amplifying trust and confidence in your company. As an iconic representation of your achievement, there is a sense of pride that is married to every single Eagle Structure. Our passion and commitment to supreme quality does not end with occupancy but rather, continues for the duration of your building’s service life. The Eagle Builders Aftercare Program is a lifetime commitment to your structure ensuring that the quality and performance are as intended. Eagle Built structures are recognized as the principal system for its lasting value, resale and low maintenance, operational and insurance costs.

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