88,000 SQ FT

223 Insulated Precast Panels

2 Weeks Precast Installation

4 5 Ton Cranes

Alberta Harvest Centre / Pentagon

Lacombe, Alberta
Design-Build Contractor

In 2016, Eagle Builders was awarded the design-build contract for the new Alberta Harvest Centre headquarters in Lacombe, Alberta. As a leading dealership for agricultural equipment, the client required a durable building that would stand out and positively showcase their products and services. From the initial project discussion, it was decided that the building would take on the shape of a pentagon to reflect their branding. To achieve this, Eagle Builders had to engineer a unique and intricate roof system that did not follow any normal spacing. Because Eagle Builders designs and manufactures the complete structure, it was efficient to meet the client’s request while remaining on budget. This project took a total of 7 months to complete allowing the client occupancy sooner than he anticipated.

“The exterior insulated precast walls are load-bearing eliminating all perimeter columns.”

“The 88,000sq.ft building is designed in the shape of a pentagon requiring a intricate, non-nominal steel roof system.”