12,300 SQ FT

263 Insulated Precast Panels

195 Hollow-Core Slabs

2 Weeks precast installation

3 levels

2.5 Million pounds of concrete

12-46 Foot tall precast panels


Ponoka, Alberta
Design-Build Contractor

The Ponoka Community Learning Centre is a three-story non-combustible precast concrete structure that was designed, manufactured and built by Eagle Builders. The facility serves as a library, outreach center for the Red Deer College and town office. Eagle Builders worked with all three tenants to conceptualize the building so their requirements can be met for today and the future.

Prior to construction, Eagle Builders had to quarantine the construction site to demolish the old hospital which was full of asbestos. Once complete, construction started in February with the project concluding 6 months later. The building features many aesthetic features such as precast formliners, large glazing walls, balconies and much more. The Ponoka Community Learning Centre is a positive move forward for the town with many people excited about what the future holds.

“The fact that Eagle specializes in precast concrete buildings gives Council greater confidence in the company’s ability and understanding of how to best incorporate Tenant Improvements in a precast concrete building with minimal issues or unexpected contingency costs.”

Rick bonnet