2 Milking Parlours

1000 Cow Dairy

5 Expansions

10 Years working relationship

Scova Farms

Ponoka, Alberta
Design-Build Contractor

Scova Farms; a family operation with a passion for agriculture and a drive for success. In 2005 Scova came to Eagle builders with a vision of pursuing their passion in the dairy industry. With a design to house 200 head and encompass a double 8 parallel parlor with a basement, Eagle surpassed the needs of the client and began work immediately. From a vision to reality in the scope of one year, Scova was in full production in 2006. Over the course of the next 10 years, Scova’s dairy farm became a 600 head operation with multiple improvements.

Expansion began in 2009 with the addition of a calf barn and site upgrades. At 4000 sq. ft. Scova had a 4 room facility for calves and a new driveway to improve site access. With production in full force, 2011 initiated the need to expand even further. Eagle constructed an additional livestock barn to hold another 200 head and engineered a lagoon to accommodate the additional manure. As Scova reached the prime of their production in 2013, they began implementing facilities to increase productivity and revenues. This phase began with the addition of a commodity and hay shed and the construction of three 40’ x 180’ bunkers. In 2015, Eagle designed and constructed a green manure facility that was easily integrated to the existing manure pump room.

Finally, in 2016, Eagle had the opportunity to construct an additional livestock barn with an expanded bunker to accommodate a further 200 head, demonstrating a 10 year successful working relationship. Scova Farms is an exceptional illustration of the type of relationships that Eagle strives for with all of their clients; helping build visions that will last a lifetime.

Eagle Builders and Scova Farms have a 10 year working relationship.